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Welcome to The Art Of Dreams And Divination! This place for all of your divining and dreaming needs is a subsidiary of Yvonne Glasgow, Holism Coach and a sister company to Glass Goat Publishing.

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About The Art Of Dreams And Divination

Intuitive, Empath, Clairsentient Medium, Dream Expert, Spiritual Counselor, Solitary Eclectic Pagan, Witch

The future’s always what you make of it, but what if you had some help getting to the right path in life? What if you could get some clues to what your future will be so you know whether to change your route or stay your course?

I can help you understand the visions you see when you sleep; help you control them and enhance them. I can help you use spirituality to find positivity through a holistic way of life. Through the use of intuition and divination, we can both help you find a better life, or assist you in loving the one you already have.

In 1974, Yvonne Glasgow was born. Of Romani descent (among other things), Yvonne has always been drawn to the spiritual side of things. Her great-great-grandmother on her maternal side was full-blooded Romani, and through traditions passed on to her grandmother, Yvonne learned many traditional healing methods. She grew up hearing tales of her Indigenous ancestry on her paternal side, which drove her to learn much about Indigenous peoples. She found that she comes from the Ojibwe, by way of metis (a combination of Native American and French Canadian). At the age of 13, Yvonne began studying Paganism and dream interpretation and continued her studies by learning about various religions.

In 2011, Yvonne wrote her dissertation on divination. Yvonne’s decades’ long studies and interests in Witchcraft, the occult, dreams, divination have driven her to do something for others with her knowledge. The Art Of Dreams And Divination is her way of turning her degrees and passions into something meant to help other people heal, let go, find the right path, embrace positivity, and connect with mind, body & soul.

Yvonne has been designing handmade dream catchers since late 2017, and people LOVE them. Yvonne does commissioned orders, sells at local events, and loves working with Etsy to share her creations with people across the U.S. Each dream catcher purchase comes with a free dream interpretation. On the dreaming side of things, Yvonne also makes dream pillows and handmade dream journals.

Now, to the divination part – Yvonne creates hand-curated bone-throwing starter sets (one of her best selling items, and a more modernized version of this type of divination), as well as a guidebook on bone throwing (another best seller), and mats to help with using this divination tool. Yvonne makes one-of-a-kind pendulums and will be creating pendulum boards to make using them easier. Other future projects include making spirit (Ouija-style) boards, runes, and more. She’s also working on a book on dreams, as well as other guidebooks to help you get started with certain forms of divination. She creates spell/intention kits and candles, laced with herbs and crystals.

If you’re a zine reader, Yvonne has plans for some witchy zines!

Want to know what the future might hold? Intuitive readings, using things like Tarot cards and other divination tools, can’t predict your exact future, but they can help you discover your current path and determine where you need to make changes. All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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This is me, Yvonne, your spiritual guide. Not only do I have multiple degrees in Metaphysics, but I also have decades of experience.

I can do more than crafting you some amazing art, I also do dream interpretation, rune readings, tarot readings, pendulum readings, and more. I’m here for your fortune telling needs, your dream/nightmare needs, and your overall spiritual wellness. Contact me through the contact page, or email me directly at

*Crystal ball and vintage-look fortune-telling poster art by C.R. Warner.

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