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Welcome to The Art Of Dreams And Divination! This place for all of your divining and dreaming needs is a subsidiary of Yvonne Glasgow (freelancer) and a sister company to Glass Goat Publishing.

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About The Art Of Dreams And Divination

Wellness and joy through healthy dreams, self-love, positivity, and divination. Your future is what you make it.

This has been a long time coming – way back in 2011, for my dissertation for my degree in Holistic Life Coaching, I wrote ‘Divine Intervention – The Art of Divination.’ I even published it (it’s out of print now). Since I was 13 I have had an interest in Witchcraft, the occult, dreams, divination, and so much more. Now, I am turning my degree(s) and passions into something more.

I have been designing handmade dream catchers since late 2017, and people LOVE them. Not only have I filled commissioned orders, but I was pursued by a store owner to get them in a shop in a nearby town. Along with my dream catchers sales, I also offer one free dream interpretation (something I’ve been studying and practicing since 2011 as well). I also make dream pillows and handmade dream journals.

Now, to the divination part – I currently have bone throwing starter kits, as well as a guidebook on bone throwing and mats to help with using this divination tool (they are available in the Etsy shop). I’ve also been making one-of-a-kind pendulums and will be creating pendulum boards to make using them easier. I will be making spirit (Ouija-style) boards, runes, and more in the future (stocking up on supplies right now). I also have a book on dreams in the works, as well as other guidebooks to help you get started with certain forms of divination. I’ll even be making zines that are filled with all sorts of witchy info, divination tips, and more. I recently started making handmade candles again, spell candles (actually). I plan on putting together spell kits that will help you with healing, protection, making money, and other things you desire.


This is me, Yvonne, your spiritual guide. Not only do I have multiple degrees in Metaphysics, but I also have decades of experience.

I can do more than crafting you some amazing art, I also do dream interpretation, rune readings, tarot readings, pendulum readings, and more. I’m here for your fortune telling needs, your dream/nightmare needs, and your overall spiritual wellness. Contact me through the contact page, or email me directly at

So, stick around and see what happens next!

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