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What’s Your Sign?

Like the rest of you, I am a sucker for click-bait and find myself reading garbage articles about what the signs mean. Some of them are all about talking trash about people, some of them try to point out that only certain signs birth serial killers (not factual), and others are written so poorly I can’t stand to read them to figure out what they are about. I’d love to write a retort, or at least an article about what the signs really mean for each person born under them, but that’s not even possible. Seriously. You can’t pigeonhole a person to their zodiac sign alone.

So, what gives? Why is there more to it than being a Scorpio or a Pisces, or whatever sign you are?

The thing is, there are many things that go into how astrology pertains to each person. Your astrological profile contains more than your sun sign traits. You have to get a birth chart done if you want to delve into how astrology affects your personality, your future, and your life in general – and then you still have to look at all of it with an open mind.

Your birth chart, or natal chart, looks at where the moon and other planets were at the time of your birth. It looks at houses and all of the other important aspects of astrology at the exact time you were born. If you’re really into astrology, I highly recommend buying some books on the subject. One can never own too many books.

You can get a decent birth chart for free here. You’ll need your birthdate, exact time of birth, and where you were born (city, state, country). Once you have this info, you can look at the other signs of the zodiac that affect who you are.

Another thing that can make your personality traits different than those you read in books like Astrology For Dummies is when in the month you were born. If your birthday is on or close to the cusp of the zodiac sign before or after yours, you may find traits of that sign in your personality.

A Little About Horoscopes

I know some people scoff at horoscopes. As someone that has been studying astrology since the age of 13, I feel like I have some important insight that might help you enjoy reading your horoscopes a bit more. I used to write horoscopes for a couple of different entities, and writing them easily reminded me that what your horoscope says is always up to your interpretation.

Billions of people may share your zodiac sign, and each of you has the same daily horoscope, but what those words say to the rest of them doesn’t have to be what they say to you. You have to read horoscopes with an open mind and find out how those words of advice fit into your life.

So, why am I talking about Astrology?

I have a few zodiac related projects in the works. The photo in this inaugural blog post is my most recent project. I am creating a set of 4 x 6 collage art zodiac pieces. I will be making postcard prints of them and then selling the originals once I am through all of them.

Right now I have art for all 12 western zodiac signs, which I will be using to create a Zodiac Oracle deck and accompanying guidebook. I plan to create art for the Chinese Zodiac and Native American Zodiac. These will all be part of the oracle deck, as well as part of my alternate collage art project.


Keep an eye on the Divination Tools page for updates on these projects!


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