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Dreaming and the Art of Dreams

What do you think are the point of dreams? I’m talking about the dreams you dream at night when you’re asleep, not the dreams that are your hopes and wishes.

If your first thought is that they are a way of playing out the things your mind is trying to work through, then you’re pretty much right. The stories played out in our heads while we’re snoozing are the way the human mind works through all of the stuff we’re dealing with in our waking life. The problem is, sometimes (most of the time, actually), those dreams aren’t straight forward. They’re jumbled and full of symbolism.

So, how does one learn from their dreams? You need to find out what the mean. The best way to do that is through dream interpretation.

While anyone can grab up a book on dream interpreting and look up the meaning of certain things that happened in a dream, it helps to work with someone that has studied the meaning of dreams and has honed their intuition. A lot of what happens in dreams needs an intuitive interpretation because dreams are strange and unusual.

For me to do a dream interpretation, I ask the dreamer to give me as much info from their dream as they can. I don’t want (or need) to know what’s going on in your waking life, I just need to know the details (as many as you can remember) of your dream.

Some things that are important in dream interpretation include:

  • Colors
  • Places
  • Day or night (or both)
  • People and things (man, woman, mom, child, dog, horse, cup, anything that stands out and seems to be even remotely relevant to the story)
  • Holidays

Pretty much everything that stands out. It helps to keep a dream journal by your bed. When you wake up from a dream, immediately write down what you remember of the dream, as much as you remember. The things you forget right away may not have been essential parts of the dream story, so don’t fret if you can’t remember the whole thing.

Dreams may be telling you to make changes in your life. They could be telling you what your next decision should be when it comes to some major life event. Your dream could also be a message being sent to you from a spirit guide or a loved one that has passed, but you might not be able to figure out what that message is on your own.

Recurring dreams are a sign of something as well. Nightmares have meanings, as do those quick dreams where you’re falling.


Do you have a common theme in some of your dreams, like a specific color or item that always shows up? Let me know what it is, and I will do a short reading for you for free! Just comment on this post, and I will reply to it!

Ps. Did you know that even if you don’t remember dreaming, you probably did have a dream? You can begin remembering your dreams by telling yourself you will remember each night before you go to bed and by keeping a dream journal.


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