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Banishing For Your Health And Well-Being

Sometimes you need to do a banishing. Maybe you had some negativity in your home recently (a person, an accident). Perhaps you are banishing a harmful and toxic person from your life (we’ve all been there). It could be that you’re trying to get rid of a ghost (if you’re a believer). Whatever the reason you feel the need to banish, do it! Banishing is an excellent way to allow yourself to let go of the past and of negative things and people.

I’ve been doing banishing spells for years. I wrote the little poem in the featured image of this post a couple of years ago after a falling out with a toxic person who’d been tormenting me. I’ve burned sage for years as a way to dispell ghosts, negativity, and people.

When it comes to banishing, it’s all about your focus – during the banishing, whether you’re burning sage or palo santo, whether you’re chanting a rhyme or yelling “get out,” focus on that person or thing leaving your home, your life, and never returning. When you’re done, let go. Stop thinking about the negative person, stop thinking about the ghost lurking your halls, focus on positivity.

Banishings can include no longer saying someone’s name, doing freezing spells, burning herbs that aid in banishing, burning candles that banish (black is excellent for protection).

In The Craft, Nancy took all of her magical workings to a negative, dark side of things. She was definitely a black witch. Sarah did a binding spell, using only a chant, to get Nancy to stop her rampage. While it didn’t work immediately, Nancy ended up bound in the hospital, strapped to a bed so she couldn’t hurt anyone or herself.

You can banish and bind with words or without words, with smoke or without smoke, with herbs or without herbs. Magic and witchcraft are individual things unless you’re part of a coven that requires you to do spells as a group.

I was 13 when I started practicing witchcraft and became a Pagan. That was in 1988. I did my spells out of the books I owned — followed them line for line. Ten years later, when Charmed began its original run on television, I realized I could blend my love of writing poetry with my practice of witchcraft and create my own rhyming spells.

In the past month, I have done many successful banishing spells. Success is a point-of-view, and what may be a success to me may not always be a success to you. But that’s the thing with life, we all perceive things differently, and that’s okay.

I wrote this article on banishing another person’s negativity from your home a couple of years ago, at the same time, I wrote the chant. It has some great tips to get you started in banishing.

Here are some other things I have used in recent banishing spells:

  • Palo Santo (removes negativity)
  • Sage (cleansing)
  • Mugwort (removes negativity)
  • Lavender (removes negativity)
  • Black candle (protection)
  • Purple candle (healing, enhancing psychic abilities)
  • Holy water (dispels evil)
  • Birch bark (renewal and protection)

I’d share some of my spells with you, but I am in the process of creating a spellbook to publish, and they will be available then.

If you are struggling to banish something/someone from your life, I am available to write/create spells for a minimal donation fee. Reach out to me via the contact page.

What are some of your favorite banishing spell contents?