Holistic Life Coaching

A life coach is a professional who works with people to help them succeed at goals and overcome the obstacles that life throws at all of us. A holistic life coach uses a “whole” approach that includes body, mind, and soul in learned to live a more positive life. Want to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals? Yvonne can help! All life coaching and spiritual counseling sessions are done on a donation basis—We can discuss what you can afford. Donations can be made directly to paypal.me/supportgr.

Yvonne received her Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching in 2011. Since then she has been doing what she can to help other people find and embrace wholeness, through one-on-one advice sessions, published works, and through the launch of The Art Of Dreams And Divination.

Yvonne’s coaching business includes the following modalities (click the links in each title to learn more):

Chakra Work

When your chakras are out of balance, it can put your whole life out of balance. To find out the problem, you need to meditate on each of your chakras and look at where you’re having issues in your life.

Creativity Therapy

Being creative can help you find positivity, reduce stress, and connect better with yourself. Yvonne works with art therapy, music therapy, crafting, and journaling.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals, as with all things in existence, have vibrational qualities. These vibrations can help balance your system, bring calm to your life. Different crystals have varying healing properties.

Guided Meditation

Everyone can meditate, but sometimes it’s difficult to get into a relaxed state without help; That’s where guided meditation comes in.

Intuitive Arts

You might not realize it, but intuitive arts (aka divination arts) may help you succeed at your goals. From understanding how astrology speaks to you to consulting the Tarot, divination can help you discover where your current path is leading and give you tips on how to make changes where you need them.

Positive Thinking

Learn about the Law of Attraction and how positive thinking can help make positive changes in your life.

Spiritual Counseling

Divine spirit is different to all people. Yvonne is an open-minded spiritual counselor that will work with the beliefs of her clients. Spiritual counseling may incorporate many of the other treatments listed here, as well as working to help you connect to your own inner spirit.

Visualization Work

Picturing what you want can call it to you! Visualization work includes the law of attraction and creating/using vision boards. Visualization has helped people follow their dreams and even find healing from physical ailments.