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I have a Doctor of Divination in Spiritual Counseling and a Philosopher degree in Metaphysics in Holistic Life Coaching. I have been studying religions, Paganism, divination, and dreams for over three decades. I have been studying and practicing meditation, affirmations, mind mapping, and aromatherapy for over a decade.

That’s just a very small overview of my experience. On top of my passion for matters of the mind and mysticism, I am also an avid and prolific writer. For this “Education” page, I will share articles on different topics that I’ve written which might interest you, as well as the books I currently have in print for The Arts Of Dreams And Divination. Enjoy!


The Art of Throwing BonesThe Art Of Throwing Bones

Throwing Bones is a form of divination – like reading tarot cards. Unlike reading tarot cards, the bones are more personal to the individual diviner. You may have the same items in your kit as another person and have each item mean something completely different than what they’ve attached to their trinkets and bones.

“The Art Of Throwing Bones” is an introduction to a unique form of divination. This booklet will get you started on reading bones and putting together your own unique set.

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26 pages

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