Chakra Work


While the human body has more than seven chakras, there are seven “main” meridians in the body. When any one of these chakras is thrown off balance, it can affect your health and well-being. Each chakra rules over a different part of the body, is represented by a different color, and can heal in many ways.

Are you feeling unbalanced? Are you suffering from illnesses that the doctor is having issues helping with (or even figuring out what’s wrong in the first place)? Your chakras may be out-of-balance. *Chakra work is NOT a replacement for talking to your doctor about your health issues—I am not authorized to make a medical diagnosis*

However, if you want to learn how to balance your chakra, either through meditation or using crystal therapy, I can help. Contact me for more information!

rainbow chakra

If you visit us at local events, we have chakra pillows with stone sets available for sale.