Intuitive Arts

Dream and Div final

Whether you call it fortune telling, divination, or intuitive arts, there is one true purpose to having a reading done—You want to find out what path you’re on in life. Maybe you want to learn how you can change things if you’re off track, or perhaps you want to make sure the positive path you’re on is the right one.

The one thing that is NOT factual about fortune telling is that your reading is set in stone. We never have only one path to walk—You always have choices.

Your readings by Yvonne will give you a glimpse of where you’re going, what changes you need to make, and what you’re doing right too. You can’t, however, find the answers if you don’t ask!

If you’re interested in a dream interpretation, go here.

All of the readings offered via this page are by donation. See each listing for minimum donation preference. You can pay in-person with cash or card (Visa or Mastercard) or online through

All readings can be done in person (if you’re local to the Grand Rapids, MI, area), over the phone, via email, or I can even do a video of the reading and share it with you privately (don’t expect it to be super professional, I’m still working on my video usage and presence).

Tarot Readings

Choose Your Deck

Available Decks (in order of appearance):

  • The Art Of Tarot (preferred deck*)
  • Spirit Halloween deck
  • Mini-Tarot deck (preferred deck*)
  • Morgan-Greer Tarot
  • Secrets of Tarot deck
  • The Goddess Tarot
  • Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards
  • The Illuminated Tarot
  • The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot
  • Afterthoughts – The After Tarot

I read Tarot intuitively. Expect a reading unlike most others. I can do one card draws (to answer a specific question), three card draws (past, present, and future), or multi-card draws – depending on your needs. I have ten years of experience studying tarot.

Tarot readings require a $20 minimum donation for a 3 or more card spread. $5 minimum for one-card draws.

(* This is a deck I have extensive experience with)

Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum Dowsing

This is a perfect choice if you need a yes or no question answered. My pendulum and I have a long history together, and pendulum dowsing is where I got my start in fortune telling.

$5 minimum donation per question.


Pendulum Dowsing (1)

One draw readings with Runes can help you answer life’s most confusing questions. I have been studying Runes and their meanings for nine years.

$5 minimum donation per stone-draw.

Oracle Card Readings

Choose Your Deck (1)

Available Decks (in order of appearance)

  • Celtic Animal Oracle
  • Healing With The Fairies Oracle
  • Amy Brown Faery Wisdom Deck
  • Oracle Of Mystical Moments
  • The Visual I Ching

You pick the deck, I do the reading. Oracle cards are somewhere in between a “yes and no” divination style and a Tarot reading – they give you something a little more, but they may also leave you with more questions and more things to ponder.

Oracle card readings require a $20 minimum donation for a 3 or more card spread. $5 minimum for one-card draws.

Tea Leaf Readings (Tasseography)

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Tea leaf readings must be done in person. I am fairly new at tea leaf reading, but it has been a calling for most of my life.

$10 minimum donation. Prefer to do this in person.

Throwing Bones

Throwing Bomes

Want the depth of a Tarot card reading without the cards? Throwing Bones are a mystical tool that can be used to intuitively tell you about the path you’re on, possible future outcomes, and more. Bones aren’t all that are used for this form of fortune telling. I have been collecting my “bones” set for nearly a year now. Readings can be done in person or remotely. Obviously, I am new to this form of divination – but with my intuitive abilities, it is a perfect addition to my collection.

There is a $20 minimum donation on Bone Throwing divination. It’s a lengthy read.

Personal Horoscope/Astrology Oracle


zodiac western (1)

Learn more about who you are through your star sign. While my oracle cards are not complete, yet, I can still fill you in on some of the interesting details of your star sign that you won’t get from the books.

A $20 minimum donation will give you a deeper look into your zodiac sign. The higher your donation, the more info you’ll get. Comes printed or via PDF for printing.

Ask the Magic Eight-Ball

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You don’t have to own a magic eight-ball, I have 3 of them! I’ll ask the questions you’re seeking answers to.

$5 minimum donation for 3 questions answered.

Ask the Spirit Board

Spirit Boards

No need to open up your life to hauntings and demons, I’ll talk to the spirit board for you! I’ve been using spirit boards since I was 13.

$10 minimum donation will get you an entire message divined from one of my spirit boards.

Coming Soon…

Palm Reading

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Birth Charts

Birth Charts

This service will have an elevated minimum donation due to the work involved.



Astrology Dice Reading

Astrology Dice

Automatic Writing

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**All readings are for fun and entertainment only, and should not be used to replace visiting a doctor or therapist.