The Art Of Divination

The Art of Divination

The Art of Divination will offer a wide collection of handmade and hand-collected divination items, including books that will teach you how to properly use those items. Divination allows you an opportunity to speak with angels, deities, your own subconscious, and even friends and family that have passed on.

Grab a guidebook and delve a little deeper into different forms of divination. Click HERE to see what books are currently available.

If you’re looking to add some handmade or hand-curated divination tools to your collection, click HERE to see what we have and what we’re working on!

Some of the items that are or will be available include –

  • Bone Throwing Starter Kits (Hand-collected)
  • Spirit Boards (Handmade)
  • Crystal Healing Cards (Handmade)
  • Tarot Cards (Handmade)
  • Crystal/Candle/Herbal Healing/Spell Kits (Hand-collected)
  • Runes (Handmade)
  • Wellness/Dreams/Divination/Healing Gift Packs (Like monthly subscription boxes, but purchased individually)
  • Pendulums and Pendulum Boards (Handmade)
  • Zodiac Oracle Cards (Handmade)
  • Divination Journals (aka Book of Shadows – Handmade)