Divination Tools

Check the news & events page for chances to purchase our items in person. During festival season (April thru September), our items are limited online, but the Esty shop is stocked October and thru most of the winter months.

Bone Throwing Supplies

We offer bone throwing books, curated sets, and handmade mats. You can purchase them individually or as a set!

Want to learn more about the art of Bone Throwing? Grab a copy of my book, and check out this article! Fortune Telling Oddities: Bone Throwing

Handmade Pendulums and Accessories

We currently have a large collection of one-of-a-kind pendulums available for sale. A new product for 2020 are pendulum dowsing mats. There will be wood burned pendulum boards later this year.

Spell and Worship Kits

At home and travel spell kits are in the works, as well as Goddess Worship Kits. We currently have a Money Spell Kit available.

Happy Hearts Protection Poppets

Poppets can be just as much for healing as they are for harming. Our Happy Hearts Protection Poppets help inspire you to do good with your powers. They come with a choose-your-own-pin from a fun collection of vintage and newer straight pins.

Witches Bells

Hang a set of Witches Bells in your doorknob to ward away evil and negativity each time someone opens the door!


Soul Shakers

Egg shakers are a common musical instrument, but these are a little different. Use your soul shakers to help you find peace and calm for meditation or to help you find focus. They come in the full spectrum of the rainbow, as well as gold. Each has a poem, saying, or song lyrics to help guide you in a positive light.


Coming Soon

Collage Art Tarot Deck for Creatives

Tarot Spread Cloths

Astrology Oracle CardsScorpio trans

Drawstring Bags

Witchy Boxes

Spirit Boards

The Ouija board is a TM game, but it’s not a game at all. The Art Of Dreams And Divination will be offering handmade wood spirit boards (and more). Want to start learning a bit more about spirit boards while you wait? Check out these articles:

Six Reasons Not To Play With a Ouija Board

Six More Reasons Not to Play with a Ouija Board

Nine Must-Read Rules for Using the Ouija Board

Six Reasons to Dust off Your Ouija Board


Crystal Cards

Zodiac Art (bookmarks, postcards, original art)

Crystal Healing Cards