The Art Of Dreams

The Art of Dreams

The Art of Dreams is a neverending collection of handmade dream pillows, dream journals, and more to come – all created lovingly and with positive energy, by Yvonne. She also offers dream interpretations.

In the near future, there will also be dream “kits” available, which will include various combinations of dream pillows, dream journals, meditations, crystals to promote dreams, and more.

Yvonne is also working on a book, ‘The Art Of Dreams,’ in which you will learn how your dreams affect your life, how to control your dreams (lucid dreaming), and how to use dream interpretations, dream pillows, dream catchers, and more to help you dream happier dreams and use your dreams effectively in your waking life.

Dream Interpretation

Wonder what that dream meant? Click the link above to find out how Yvonne can help you learn the hidden meanings in your dreams.

Dream Products

Here you’ll find out more about our dream journals, dream pillows, and other dream-related products.