Dream Catchers

All dream catchers are handmade by Yvonne Glasgow, using 90% recycled/previously used items either donated or purchased from retail shops and garage sales. The other 10% is from clearance racks or from other creatives, local and through Etsy.

You can purchase these dream catchers direct, from the Glass Goat Publishing Etsy shop, locally at Eye Candy in Hudsonville, or at different Michigan events throughout the year (check the News & Events page). You can also order commission dream catchers – see info below.

What people have to say about Yvonne’s dream catchers:

I have to say the custom made dream catcher from Yvonne is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever had the privilege of owning!! Yvonne does such amazing work! I told her my favorite color is green. What she didn’t know is that I have a tree of life tattoo on my back she’s never seen it. Yet she incorporated that into my dream catcher. She is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend her work!!! ~Geena in Jackson, MI

I had one of the dream catchers made for my twin boys, and Yvonne did a fabulous job meeting my specifications! She put some beautiful personal touches onto it and clearly spent a lot of time thinking it through. I highly recommend getting a dream catcher, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. ~Jen in Muskegon, MI

Dream Catcher Commission Info (Contact for Prices)

Non-Refundable 1/2 down payment when you order. The other half is due when the dream catcher is completed (before shipping).

I mostly use bangle bracelets and embroidery hoops for my dream catchers… but sometimes I have something else creative to use to make them! The tassels are most often yarn and some ribbon (all colors available, including black and white, and some multi-color yarn or fancy designed ribbon – just ask!), but I can include feathers from time to time (when I have some available). I also use pendants on the tassels sometimes. The webbing “bead” can be a bead, a button, or a pendant. I can add birds (I currently have a dove, and 3 cardinals), flowers (fake and depending on what I have on hand), leaves, or butterflies  (I have a cute pink one and two goth glittery black ones) (I use hot glue to attach these to make them sturdy) for $5 per dream catcher (it takes more time and work for these embellishments).

Multi-Hoop Dream Catchers (Using 3 or more hoops)

14 and 12-inch hoops

10-inch hoops 

8 and 7-inch hoops 

6, 5, and 4-inch hoops 

3 and 2.5-inch hoops 

1 and 7/8 inch hoops (ornament style)

Sizes vary by less than an inch, in some cases.

I also have some “specialty” hoops (not circular):

For each – Rectangle 5 x 6.5 inch, Oblong Oval 4 x 5 inch, Oblong Oval 6 x 4.5, Bamboo 6 inch, Heart 5.5 inch.

For each – Bamboo 3 inch, Heart 3 inch, Heart 2.5 inch, Window rectangle with arched top 3.5 x 2.5 inch, Flower 2.5 inch.

Hand wrapped grapevine (from a friend’s yard in GR) –

Small – about 5 inches (1 available)

Medium – 7 to 9 inches (approximately) (4 available)

Large – about 11 inches (2 available)

Free first class shipping on all Dream Catchers.