Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretations – $15 each (or free with dream catcher purchase) payable via Paypal (here is my Paypal.me link)

Are you having strange dreams? Been wondering what those dreams mean? Maybe you have a recurring dream, and you want to know why it keeps coming back.

Perhaps you experienced a nightmare that woke you in the middle of the night…

Dreams are often messages from our subconscious, sometimes they come from our guardian angels.

What are your dreams saying to you?

If you send me the info from your dream, I can help you discover the messages within. Send your dream interpretation to theartofdreamsanddivination@gmail.com. I will not start working on your interpretation until I receive a cleared payment.

Your dream interpretation will be sent as PDF via email within a week of payment. Your dream interpretation length will vary, depending on how much info you share about your dream. It will be at least a few paragraphs.

Some of the things that will help me give you the most accurate intuitive dream interpretation include:

1. People – Who is in your dream? Are they people you know? If they are strangers, describe them. What are they doing? Were they a prominent figure in the dream, or did they hang out in the background somewhere?
2. Places – Where does the dream take place? If it’s in a home, what rooms were prominent?
3. Colors – Did any particular colors stand out in the dream? Colors have many meanings and can have a lot of relevance in dream interpretation.
4. Time of Day – Was it morning or night in your dream? Was it dark out? Was it lunch time, dinner time, time for breakfast?
5. Weather – Even weather elements can have a say in the meaning of a dream. Did you dream about storms, tornadoes, or other major weather? Was it really hot out, or extremely cold out?
6. Noises – If you heard noises, what were they?
7. Events – Not only do the events that happen in your dreams matter but so does what you’re doing in the dream. Are you part of the dream or are you observing things?

I hold a D.Div. in Spiritual Counseling and I have over a decade of experience in performing intuitive dream interpretations.

All readings are for entertainment purposes only. For medical advice please consult your doctor. By purchasing a reading you are agreeing that you are 18 years or older.

Dream Interpretation Sample

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